Show at Stir! April 5th.

Nina, Raven and a third girl, which is current a big secret (SHHH!), will do a show to benefit Alliance of AIDS Services at Stir, East End Martini Bar on Sunday, April 5th, at some ungodly hour yet to be disclosed. Bitches, get your cute asses out!

Thanks, also, to everyone who made my 28th birthday extra special! HUGS! ūüôā


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Boy George Admits:

He handcuffed that Norwegian man whore to the bed.¬† Then, he spanked him.¬† The whore, Audun Carlsen, said he was “manacled” — quaint.¬† Boy George keeps going on and on with some “laptop alibi” when really no one cares.¬† We just want Boy George to continue saying things like: “He struggled a bit when I was [handcuffing him] because he realised I wasn’t messing around[.]”¬† Hot!¬† If it were any. other. human. than Boy George.

Man Whore

There’s the man whore.


And, of course, Psycho George.

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Raven Simone — back in the scene?

Raven Simone

Last night, our local drag goddess, Raven Simone, stepped back in the scene to judge the Miss CCs pageant. She did lots of flips despite me asking — no, begging — her not to.

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Starting with Celebrity Gossip . . .

Then, we’ll proceed to local gossip. ¬†Because, as everyone knows, I love my drama. ¬†

One of my favorite people to follow — our pretty little Crackie of Camden — Amy Winehouse, is finally divorcing her junkie husband — Blake Fielder-Civil, who by the way, just lost his appeal for the crimes of¬†attacking a pub landlord and “perverting the course of justice.” ¬†I. Want. Details. ¬†

Blake's Ugly Face

Maybe his face “perverted the course of justice.”

In an interview, Blake said: “I introduced her to heroin, crack cocaine and self-harming. I feel more than guilty.” ¬†Time out. ¬†Why is this news? ¬†Didn’t everyone know this a year ago? ¬†Back to the story. ¬†Blake also said that wifey almost¬†died in front of him last summer, when she suffered a seizure after an all-day heroin and crack binge. ¬†They had so much fun, they decided to do it once a week. ¬†

Talking about their divorce, Blake actually said: ¬†“The most dignified thing I can ever do in my life is to release somebody I love from my fucking grasp, from my clutches.” ¬†Wow — this guy’s a real catch. ¬†Sounds like my ex-boyfriend.


Maybe she will get her shit together now and win another Grammy.

Amy and Blake

I have to admit though, there is something about them together . . .


. . . that’s fucking hot.

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Hi, Raleigh!

Everyone else has a blog — why not Nina!¬† Lord, girl, the stories she can tell!¬† ūüėČ

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